Fall (2015)

A Short Sci-Fi Mystery


When a young boy is found naked and badly beaten at the edge of a smoldering crater in a remote area of the Yorkshire Moors, detective Rachel Bordain must face her own personal demons and investigate this seemingly otherworldly case.


The project is currently in the very early scripting stages. The piece aims to posses both a compelling plot and a fantastic visual scheme with a strong sense of place focusing upon the films identity as a piece of Yorkshire filmmaking. Fall blends together elements of the science fiction, fantasy and the thriller genres, drawing from striking British drama’s such as Red Riding  and Broadchurch, whilst applying a fantastical, surreal, twist to the approach more akin to European dramas like The Returned coupled with a sense of body horror found within works of Cronenberg.


Despite being primarily a fantasy/ science-fiction project the short will have a strong sense of gritty realism. Drawing from projects such as Jeff Nichols Take Shelter and Jonathan Glazers Under the Skin, which combine a sense of voyeuristic realism with surrealist beauty. Visually the film will be dominated by desaturated tones; set against the backdrop of a crumbling society, the predominate colour palette will include greys, deep purples, moss greens and browns -  a palette more akin to programming of the 1970’s, and the tones of its key location, the Yorkshire Moors.  In addition to colour, light will be of great importance to the overall visual quality of the film, utilizing shadow and chiaroscuro light in a way that will give the project an almost film noir edge.


Character is exceptionally important within the plot of Fall. As an experienced designer I have a good knowledge and understanding of the process of creating a visually striking piece, however, more so than ever, I hope that this project will provide a strong female protagonist, a grounded character whom will sit comfortably amongst, yet in antithesis to, the fantastical world being formed around her. I hope that with development, the character of Rachel will provide an interesting role for a known actress. I aim to combine both strong character and beautiful visuals to create a short film, which is truly stunning and compelling.


The key themes explored within Fall are that of religious belief, guilt, conviction and the decay of society. It is an exploration into personal and fantastical discovery, fractal relationships within local communities and biblical teachings/ legends surrounding the end of times and the rapture, in a new, individual way.


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Writer/ Director: Sarah Goodall

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